Friday, 16 December 2011


  • Ingredients

Chicken                        -1kg
Onions                          -2 big
Tomato                         -1big
Garlic                            -10 cloves
Ginger                           -1 inch piece
Pepper powder             - needed
Garam masala               - 1 tspn
Oil                                - needed
Salt                               - needed

  •  Preparation method
Chop onions, ginger,garlic and tomato into fine small pieces. Add oil to a hot wok. Add the chopped ingredients and saute till the colour of onion changes to golden brown. Add pepper powder (2tsp)and garam masala, stir well.To this add chicken and salt, mix nicely and cover and cook. This is a dry dish. So after the chicken is cooked make sure the water is evaporated .Make sure every chicken piece is coated with pepper.Add more pepper according to your taste.Serve hot with rotis , breads, nans. I am sure this dish wont disappoint you.