Friday, 16 December 2011


Origin of the Club Sandwich - It will not surprise any who know how frequently most excellent things are born of necessity to know that the club sandwich originated through accident., A man, we are told, arrived at his home one night after the family and servants had retired, and being hungry, sought the pantry and the ice chest in search of something to eat. There were remnants of many things in the source of supplies, but no one thing that seemed to be present in sufficient abundance to satisfy his appetite. The man wanted, anyway, some toast. So he toasted a couple of slices of bread. Then he looked for butter, and incidentally something to accompany the toast as a relish. Besides the butter he found mayonnaise, two or three slices of cold broiled bacon, and some pieces of cold chicken. These he put together on a slice of toast, and found, in a tomato, a complement for all the ingredients at hand. Then he capped his composition with a second slice of toast, ate, and was happy. The name club was given to it through its adoption by a club of which the originator was a member. To his friends, also members of the club, he spoke of the sandwich, and they had one made, then and there, at the club, as an experiment, and referred to it afterward as the " club sandwich." As such, its name went out to other clubs, restaurants, and individuals, and as such it has remained. At least, this is the story as it is generally told.

Bread slices  -12
(3 slices for one sandwich)
Cucumber  -1/2
(cut into thin slices)
Tomato  - 2 small
(cut into thin slices)
Boiled egg (grated)  -1
Butter or mayonnaise -needed
Cheese (grated)  -2tspn
Mustard powder  -1/4  tspn
Pepper powder  -1/4tspn
Salt  -needed
Preparation method
Mix together mustard powder,pepper powder , salt ,and keep aside. Remove the crusts of bread . Take a slice ,coat butter on one side and sprinkle the mixture and some cheese. Keep a tomato over it. Then coat another slice with butter on both sides ,sprinkle the mixture and keep on top of tomatoe. On this keep cucumber and some grated egg and finish the sandwich with another slice.Cut this into triangles and serve.

You can keep slices of lettuce in between and can use toasted bread for making sandwich.Instead of egg, fried bacon, or shredded chicken can be used.