Saturday, 21 January 2012


  • Ingredients

Chicken                      1kg.
Curd                          2dsp
Coriander pow           2dsp
Ginger paste               2tsp
Garlic paste                2tsp
Pepper pow               1tsp
Salt                            needed
Oil                             1/4cup
Pepper(crushed)        1dsp
Soyasauce                 2dsp

  • Preparation method

Mix together curd, pepper pow, coriander pow, ginger and garlic paste.Make long slashes in chicken pieces.Mix together the curd  mixture, chicken and salt. Mix well and keep marinated for 2hrs.Cover and cook the chicken, make it dry. Heat a wok, add oil, add the crushed pepper, stir and then add soyasauce.When sauce starts to boil add the cooked chicken stir and mix well till all pieces are fully coated with pepper.Serve hot garnished with coriander leaves.