Wednesday, 4 January 2012


  • Ingredients

Almonds        - 100 gm
Sugar             - 120 gm
Ghee              - 100 gm
Cardamom     - 2 nos
Food colouring
Vanilla essence (optional)
or Saffron  (optional)

  • Preparation method

Soak the almonds overnight in warm water.Peel them in the morning.Grind it along with cardamom seeds to a runny paste.Pour the mix in a pan, stir in the sugar, add just enough water, and heat over a medium flame.Add the essence, keep stirring.As it begins to thicken, start adding ghee, 30 ml at a time.When the halwa has thickened enough to hold together, take off the flame, empty on a tray, and let it cool. Make or cut into desired shape. Have it either warm or cool.