Sunday, 18 December 2011


  • Ingredients

Chicken                      - 1 kg
Small onions (shallots) - 1 handful
Garlic pods(big)         - 5 nos
Ginger                       - 1 small piece
Green chillies             - 12 nos
Cloves                       - 3 nos
Cinnamon                  - 2 nos
Coconut milk             - 2 glass
Coconut oil -             - A little
Salt                           - needed

  • Preparation method

In a pressure cooker, place all the ingredients except the coconut milk and coconut oil and cook till done.
After the chicken has cooked well, add coconut milk. Stir well.Add salt and mix well again. Don`t allow the milk to boil.After the milk has heated well and  mixed together, remove from the fire.Pour some coconut oil on top.Serve hot with bread, appam, idiyappam.